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External Beam Radiotherapy has a vital role for the treatment of local symptoms (including pain) due to the effects of tumour at a specific site.

It is clearly the best treatment for localised metastatic bone pain (sometimes in conjunction with or following surgery).

Hemibody Radiotherapy and the bone-seeking radioactive isotope, Strontium 89, are alternative approaches in widespread disease.

Interventional Radiology

Procedures such as cementoplasty and radiofrequency ablation may be considered with potential cases reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee. Meetings are held fortnightly – a referral form can be found here. Contact the Hospital Palliative Care team for further information.

Chronic Pain Service

The Pain Service provides additional Specialist support when invasive techniques such as neuraxial infusions, myofascial local anaesthetic injections and chemical blocks are indicated.


Coeliac plexus blocks for pancreatic cancer pain are generally performed by gastroscopy/endoscopic ultrasound. Refer directly to Gastroenterology.

Note: It is preferred that the Palliative Care Service is consulted first. Refer to section on co-analgesics prior to referral.

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